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How Coaching and Self-Education Has Transformed My Life and Business

Monday, October 7, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

How Coaching and Self-Education Has Transformed My Life and Business

Our education system has failed us but it doens't mean we have to fail in life. With the power of self-education and coaching, anyone can become anything their hearts desire. Just invest in yourself as much as you can otherwise you will not be valuable to the marketplace.

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How to leverage LinkedIn and how to just really serve our clients at a higher level and be able to deliver five-star service, deliver a high consumer experience, hassle-free, stress-free experience, and most importantly, top notch results?

As you can see, you know, we don't just sell houses, we build relationships, we empower our clients by educating them. And the way we do this is by educating ourselves all the time. So, like how long, throughout the day, how much of your day are you spending actually working in the business? And what we mean by that is being the technician, being the manager, like, how many hours of day are you actually doing the work yourself?

If you're an entrepreneur, you're running a business, you've got to look at this differently. And that's why we joined Craig Proctor coaching. We can learn how to run a business and not just be real estate agents. When that happened, it allowed us to be able to build a business. So the analogy I like to use, if you make good cakes or good bread, and you open a bakery, you can't just stay forever and bake the bread yourself and make all the cake. Eventually you're going to run out of time and you're going to have to hire other bakers.

Well, the problem is a lot of people there, they're perfectionist and they think they make the best cake, or they think they can only sell the house, or you know, make pizza or whatever the cases or run the medical office. If someone likes to be a doctor, it doesn't mean that they're going run a good medical office. They have to get coaching.

Make sure you do those things. Spend time on your business!

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