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Interview with Wendy from Sick Kids Hospital - Our Mission: Raise $50,000 for Sick Kids

Tuesday, October 8, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Interview with Wendy from Sick Kids Hospital - Our Mission: Raise $50,000 for Sick Kids

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Why don't you tell us a little bit about the new project?

Sick Kids Foundation is building a new Sick Kids Hospital. It's a big project. The hospital is over 70 years old and it's time for new building. It's time for new building where we can treat some of the sickest children in the world. We have a giant fundraising campaign of $1.3 billion.

We're getting closer and it's communities like you and the people that you work with that are helping dollar by dollar go towards the impossible. We right now treat over a hundred thousand patients come through here to stay and we see 470,000 patients coming through for visits every day throughout the year. It's, as I was saying, one of the best hospitals in the world. The kids come here for treatment and they can typically get in or other community hospitals.

Another question I had was you spoke a lot about the research department and how important it is and how much of the donations go to the kids, how important that is. Why don't you tell us a little about that?

Because you talked a lot about breakthroughs and all these cures you’re able to find. -Absolutely! One of the things that just makes me so happy and honored and privileged to work here is that we have some of the best and brightest scientists out there in the world that exists solely to find cures for the kids. About 70% of what we call unrestricted dollars. If you are giving us a check, 70% goes towards research because research is not funded by the federal government. We have probably one of the best medical systems and medical care in the world, but they don't fund research. We do have peer reviewed over grants that we're fortunate enough to get money. But the research that help us is typically through donors like you where we're finding new cures for heart and for cancer and for other critical illness.

I want you to just let everybody know how every single penny ladder that sequel. Everybody wants to give back. And people will have this perception that Sick Kids Foundation is so big and maybe they think that you guys have more than enough, which, you know, yeah, you guys are a great foundation, but yes, every single person. Why don't you tell them a little bit about how important every penny, every sponsor in everything?

We would love to do that. Sick Kids Foundation is a big multiple, has a big brand, but everything that you see is built from a donation point of view, dollar by dollar, by people that give generously. Every credit card or the price, $20, every dollar counts. And yes, well, it looks like we have much presence in a giant brand. And in fact, we do. And that's through the brilliance of our friend and communication team, but we need every donation and we are non-profit about 70 cents on every dollar goes to the hospital. And then the administration is about 30%, which is actually very good and typical of the organization.

Toronto Platinum Realty is part of this big project by Sick Kids Foundation and we aim to raise $50,000 through home sales. Part of the sales will go towards this cause.

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