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June 2018 "Home” Ward Bound Impactful Real Estate News

Monday, June 25, 2018   /   by Jake Batac

June 2018 "Home” Ward Bound Impactful Real Estate News

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“Home” Ward Bound
Impactful Real Estate News

Happy Birthday... Donald?

No, June is not the month for celebrating Donald Duck’s birthday. But there is one Donald in the news with a birthday in June. Happy Birthday Donald Trump… BUT why would I mention this to YOU? Well, since you have been kind enough to be a part of our business, I wanted to take the opportunity to give YOU a gift on Donald Trump’s birthday.

I am sure Mr. Trump doesn’t mind. He seems to have plenty of stuff so I’d like to celebrate his birthday by giving you (and those you know),
My unconditional lifetime real estate guarantee:  That You and Any One You Refer to Me to Sell The Place they Call Home, Will Be Utterly Overjoyed with the Experience and Outcome – If Not, I Will Refund 100% of the Income We Received on this Sale!

My team and I are committed to your satisfaction as well as your friends, neighbours, family and associates satisfaction. So, this life time pledge to do a better than good job for you and those you care about is a gift we are  happy and eager to give.


Speaking of gifts…

Consider this a shout out to those who referred us someone they care enough about to ensure they get our award-winning service when selling their home. My team and I are so grateful! Because of this, we were able to help abused women and families who are in great need. And now as a whole team, we are  happy and proud to embark on a new mission, a bigger one - to help children in need, to support continued research breakthroughs, and to partner for better care for kids with the SickKids Foundation.

This is where we need your help and how you can benefit at the same time…

Charitable contributions are tax deductible to a point. Rather than give your money to the government, you should consider making a donation to a charity. I believe it will somehow come back to you, well beyond a simple tax deduction. A core value at our company is “the size of the hole you give through is directly proportionate to the size of the hole you receive through.”

Either way, your referrals are in good hands and help us contribute to a good cause.

Life moves fast for some and we are eager to make the Home Selling and Buying experience a smooth rewarding one. Over the last decade of helping almost a thousand families sell their home and/or buy another, we have met some wonderful, loving, caring people. People like you! So your referrals, those you know considering a move, that we help – you can rest assured that not only will they get the award winning service we are known for, but that a solid portion of the income we receive from the transaction will go toward a very worthy cause.

Who do you know considering buying or selling a home you could refer to my real estate sales team?

Not only will they benefit from our award-winning service, you can rest assured we are also donating to a very worthy cause.   
I want to make it easy to refer your friends, neighbours, associates or family members considering making a move, so here are your options:

1. You can fill out the enclosed response card with who you know considering a move and mail back to me.

2. You can pass along our business card to them, I have enclosed a couple here for that purpose.

3. You can go to www.ReferralsHelpFamilies.com and enter their contact info on line or forward the link to who you know considering a move. 

4. Of course you can always call me direct as well at 647-977-9752. 


Your Referrals Really Do Help Families

We are committed to giving to The Children’s Hospital! So please, keep the referrals coming. Any one you know considering buying or selling a home call me direct at 647-977-9752 or pass my number on to them. 
You and your referrals mean more than ever to my team and me.  As we move forward in this Summer, please know we are extremely thankful for you being a special part of our business.

With all my appreciation.

Ahmad Shalforoshzadeh

Ahmad Shalforoshzadeh

P.S. The story of this young person enclosed may cause you to look at your loved ones differently.  It did me. Check it out.

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Why I Support Sick Kids Hospital

I remember when I first heard about a young person close to our   family suffering from a nasty disease and getting treated for that at Sick Kids Hospital. It was then that I began to pay closer attention to the work they do at that hospital.

Since then, I have learned that it is a collection of hard working health care professionals, most making their home right here in the Greater Toronto area, all coming together for a common cause. That cause is to help young people over come unfortunate health issues that life sometimes throws our way. Now, not only being a son but also a father, I take pride in supporting in a way that I can the good work these people do for the children.

My team rally’s around our annual goal of raising money and donating portions of our income to help the Sick Kids Hospital in their quest to heal young people when they need healing. My team and I are committed to  providing outstanding results for buyers and sellers  referred to us by our past clients. I have discovered that Sick Kids Hospital shares similar  commitments to their patients. And since their services survive on sponsorships and donations we are happy to contribute and proud to support them.