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Open houses can be stressful for a home seller. These tips can help!

Monday, September 23, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Open houses can be stressful for a home seller. These tips can help!

Are open houses for curious neighbours or do they work?

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There are different perceptions about open houses, some people love them, some people hate them, and some people will absolutely not let anybody into open houses.

Some of the tips that could help you if you're feeling a little on edge about the open house is make sure... I mean your house by this point going to be market ready, but make sure all your valuables are actually taken out of the house, put away, put into a safety deposit box, especially things like jewelry and cash, passports, things like that are very valuable. You want to make sure those things are completely out of sight. Another thing is you want to make sure that when you're working with your agent, you're asking that agent how are you bringing buyers into the house? How are you qualifying these people that are going to be walking around the house? Because a lot of agents put up a bunch of signs and what happens is all the noisy neighbors just end up coming and getting a peak at your house, but really what you want to have is a proper online presence making sure you've done the right marketing online to bring in the right buyers that are looking for that particular neighborhood.

We have done surveys on... We don't sell too many houses in our open... We do open houses and not the traditional way that most agents do it, but we get quite a bit of people. We ask them, especially if they end up buy the house. We ask them where they came from because we want to know where the source is, and you'll be surprised that not a lot of them come from the signs. Most of the buyers come from online marketing or when you're adding the MLS to the realtor.ca platform because most buyers are searching from there. That's something that a lot of agents or home sellers that are selling as for sale buy owner they tend to over look, and it's crucial. If you are going to do an open house don't waste your time. Do it right. Don't do it the traditional way where you just put a few signs and pray people will come.

There's also geomarketing, but you can literally do geomarketing and target all your neighbors and get them to all come and if their interested in the house.

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