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Seller Secret Episode #3 Before Setting a Price - Do Your Homework

Thursday, August 29, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

Seller Secret Episode #3 Before Setting a Price - Do Your Homework

Price is a function of supply and demand so do your homework before putting your home up for sale or make sure you hire a real estate sales team that does.

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Today we're going to discuss why buyers out there do not want to marry their real estate agent. They don't want to get too exclusive or too cozy with just one real estate agent, they want to keep the options open. Why is that? You let us know what your comments are down below or more importantly, like our page to turn on the notification. 

If you've ever experienced these thoughts, if you've ever been a home buyer  and you're kind of starting your home search, but you're really, really nervous about working with one agent, whether it's your friend, family friend or somebody you don't even know. Let us know.

So basically the problem is, from what the feedback that we got is that buyers were complaining about most agents just pick out six to eight homes. They show the buyer even less and then they try to pressure that buyer into buying one of those houses. And basically the buyer feels like the agent is actually limiting their selection instead of providing them with more. 

And it's not really an effective way of buying a house, right?

So that's why we're starting to see a higher trend, a trend in basically buyers coming straight to our listings and they don't have an agent representing them. And sometimes we ask some, "Do you have an agent presently?"  And they're like, "No, we just basically go to different listings or open houses." 

They find a lot of stuff online. And the reason they're doing that is because of the problem I just explained, because they kind of felt like their agent was limiting their solution. So when they came to us and that house  was not the perfect house, we didn't try to shove it down their throat. We actually offer them if they'll be interested in getting access to all the homes in the area, not just from MLS, but our database of coming soon listings, exclusive listings, private sales and even some divorce sales, estate sales and bank sales. That's very important when you want to get your home sold. 

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Watch full video here: https://youtu.be/vNHKuRzz5AQ

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