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Seller Secret Episode #9 Appearances Do Matter - Make them Count!

Friday, September 27, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

Seller Secret Episode #9 Appearances Do Matter - Make them Count!

Dress to Impress! Appearances do matter – Make them count!

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Secret tip number nine is appearances do matter, and make them count. So, if you're looking at listing your house and putting it on the market, it's really important to make sure that your house is appealing to the buyer. So, buyers sense smells, wear furniture are, and generally the way that your house looks too, to the buyer.

Appearance is critical and it would be unwise to ignore it when you're selling your home. So, again, this really depends on your situation, what kind of situation you and your family are in, but appearances do matter.

For example, if a buyer is walking through a house, even if the features ... taking into account ... let's compare two houses. House number one, very cluttered, has a pet smell or a cooking smell or smoking. The front yard is very messy, has lots of garbage. Seller number two has the same features, but has completely decluttered the home, has some air fresheners, put some wall art and somewhat staged the home.

In this particular situation, I'm sorry to say, but seller number two is going to get more for their home.

And they'll sell faster.  So, if you're looking to sell your home and maximize the selling price, and you may think, I'm not in a rush, so it doesn't matter if my home doesn't sell fast. But you also don't want your home to be on the market for long. That will affect your bottom-line selling price.

It's like going to a job interview and not wearing nice clothes, nice suit, nice dress, nice shoes, right? You're not going to do that. So, if your home, if you're trying to maximize the selling price, then appearance does matter. Everywhere from the curb appeal when people drive up to your driveway, if there is dirt, toys, stuff like that, it doesn't look good.

Maybe some buyers can look beyond that, because maybe some buyers have a better vision, but majority of buyers get very turned off from the get-go when things don't look good. 

We'll show you the difference in future tips of some of the houses that we walk through and we'll talk about what they look like, and we'll compare it to the same house when we're showing to our clients that a staged house would look like and what our clients feedback is. So, you can see what the buyer is actually saying.

If you're a home owner, this is crucial.

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