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This is Why Airbnb is Moving Faster Than This Roller Coaster

Thursday, October 10, 2019   /   by Gianfranco

This is Why Airbnb is Moving Faster Than This Roller Coaster

Hilton has been around for 99 years and their net worth is 22 Billion and Airbnb has only been around for only 9 years and their net worth is 32 Billions. Here is something that’s even more interesting. Airbnb owns more listings than the top 4 hotels combined. They are growing every day!! Are you?

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I was at Canada’s Wonderland and looking at the rollercoaster, it was pretty fast right? That's exactly what Airbnb is doing. They're disrupting the, the rental market, the short-term rental specifically. If you're not making money out of your properties, if you're not making cash flow out of your properties, whether you're for 5% down or you put 10% or 0% down, it doesn't matter. Or, or even if you rented, it doesn't matter if you're not making cash flow from properties you have in Airbnb, then you're missing out, right? You're missing out. Just like if you haven't been on a ride like this in your life.

Here’s the thing, you may be saying, that's too late in my city. You can't do it or all the laws that the news said, you can do it. Yeah, there's going to be all of us. Those of you who says you can't do it or my city, you can. But I'm sure there's those that we don't want to figure this out. And, and, and do this right because when I heard it, I was a little bit skeptical too, but when I tried it, believe me, my calendar started booking, uh, I started booking, uh, these short term rentals like one after another and, and I'd like three to four X, the regular rental amount. So why would you be renting your property to someone for, for example, $100 a night if you're getting $3,000 a night when you can be getting like $10,000 a month, you know what I mean?

Like $300 a night, $250 a night and they'll pay for the cleaner as well. And you have insurance like, I don't understand. I don't want, I don't want to sound why he took me so long, but now that I'm telling you at least look into it or you know, do some research because whether it's allowed in your city or not, if you want to create some cashflow for yourself, there's never been a better time than today. You're able to take top of these, I'd 5% as low as 5% down payment and a city like Toronto or, or cities where prices of houses are so expensive, you're able to take these properties using Airbnb and creating positive cashflow for your, for yourself, for your family, for your kids, and for your future.

If you're reading this, then you need to be looking into this, whether you own a property or whether you don't own a property or whether you own a bunch of properties, right? Cause Hey, BNP is taking over in the market really, really fast. Just like this ride's been going behind me.

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