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This is what happens from listing to sale with our 16-Key-Systems

Friday, August 23, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

This is what happens from listing to sale with our 16-Key-Systems

Your home goes up for sale and you think all these things are happening behind the scenes and you’re going to get an offer soon but not only you get no offers, no one is coming to view your property.  You ask your agent and the response is I’m only 1 person. How can I do all these things and I don’t blame them. There are a lot of work…

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Today we're going to talk to you about what happens from listing to sale and you can see how quickly things get up and running when our team pulls the trigger on the sale of our clients' houses.

Let's explain what happens from the time the clients that hire our to sell their home, what happens from the time they pull the trigger And how quickly things can get up and running. 

This all happens within 72 hours of signing an agreement or giving us authorization to sell your home. There's actually 16 key systems that get activated. It's syndicated to over 336 websites, professional HD and video tour taken of your home,  luxury media, customized media. Basically the professional HGR, drone video, virtual tour videos. We don't come with our iPhones and take pictures, although it's good cameras, but we let the professionals handle that part. 

Luxury Media Kit, your home's personal website. So we create a website just for your house. Basically if you live 123 Main Street, there's going to be a website, www.123mainstreet.com.

SMS texting service and talking house, and that's very customized for your home. So anybody who's driving by can just call a toll free number with its own personal ID  and instantly get information  about your home seven days a week, 24/7 basically.

Even on social media and Instagram. A lot of the buyers these days, they don't want to talk to agents, they just want to send a text or SMS and just get the details. 

Buyers just want information immediately, they don't want to have to jump through hoops waiting for agents to call them back. Because of that reason we solved the problem and came up with this solution. And we emailed to our network of cooperative agents so over and above all the buyers that we have in our database, we also cooperate with very active and top producing agents the city. We actually send the listing to all these agents and encourage everybody to bring their buyers in as well. 

So we don't just put it on MLS and hope that they will see it in their inbox. We actually take the proactive approach and we send email, video, text, even sometimes run ads to these agents who are top producing agents who may have other buyers. We have a lot of buyers, we have almost 30,000 buyers in your database, but it would be foolish to think we have all of them. It's a lot more powerful when you build relationships with top producing agents and you're able to market our clients' houses to them as well. 

You get a pre-listing marketing 180 step action plan. It's very concise, very accurate detailed information on what you need to list your home. And actually if you did want a copy of this, just request the home sellers kit.

That's our 180 step action plan, it's basically our marketing manual and we'll be happy to share that with you, we're very transparent about it, exactly what we do from the time you hire our team until it's finished. And basically our VIP sales package, our home sold guarantee, our buyer satisfaction guarantee, this is huge. ?? Not only do we give a buyers who are looking for a home the trade up program where we guarantee to buy their home or if it doesn't sell, we're also offering a buyer satisfaction guarantee. 

Basically a warranty on the house of our sellers' houses. The buyers have some kind of warranty or some kind of guarantee, assurances when they're buying our listings. And like mentioned, our network of over 30,000 top producing agents. And this all happens only within 72 hours.

So can you guys really see how a team would only be able to do this? A single person would never be able to do all these things within 72 hours. 

A lot of times do you think just don't happen, right? So if you really want to get good results, you need to have proper system, proper marketing and a home selling system that has proven results. 

If you're thinking about making a move in the next three to six months and you would like somebody from our team to help you with the purchase or sale of your home, you can just call 647-977-9752 or you can go to our website at www.torontoplatinumteam.com and somebody from our team will reach out to discuss your plans and what the next steps will be. 

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