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This is why it’s the MARKETING, Not the Market!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

This is why it’s the MARKETING, Not the Market!!

You put your home up for sale, weeks and months go by and nothing happens. Few showings but no offers. Is it the market? Or the Marketing? Let us know your comments below…

Today I thought it would be interesting to talk about Marketing. There was a lot of misconceptions about when homes don't sell, a lot of people have the misguidance or perception that it's the market, but is it really the market or is it the marketing.

A lot of people think that, "Oh, it's the market, the market is not good right now."  The market is a very good market. It's stable and we're not in that crazy market we used to because that wasn't normal. We're in a market where actually the homes that are not selling, not because of the market, it's because the marketing.

And it's actually a market like this that marketing actually works because the previous market we were in was not sustainable. In a market like this is when you see the flaws in the marketing that some other agents present.

And this market is not a market where you actually need to do marketing to create more demand, and the price is a function of supply and demand. So the agent or the team that's going to create the most demand for your home is the one who's going to get the highest price.

Basically what we do for every client house, we sit down with them and we go through a whole list of questions we ask them and we come up with a custom tailored story, a marketing or commercial, something that goes out to multiple platforms, it gets syndicated to hundreds of websites in hundreds of different languages. We get buyers literally doing FaceTime showing in China, and Saudi Arabia and Russia.  So it's not like before where buyers are only local. 

But don't get me wrong, there's a lot of local buyers, too, and so we've got to have access to all of this. So we do international marketing,  we do national marketing, we do local marketing. With the way social media has given us capabilities, the sky's the limit of what we can do.

You're seeing that now, in today's market, and with the way that things are moving, a social media  and online presence is extremely important when getting your home sold and having the right team that understands the complexity of online marketing.

But not the way you think. Not just posting your property  on Facebook,  on their personal page. Facebook wants you to spend money and that's the only way you're going to get your ads shown to the right people so we spend thousands of dollars.  Our marketing budget is $25,000 per month  and this is why we have so many buyers because we're always marketing for buyers. So when we meet with clients, we already have a database of buyers and there's a high chance that the buyer for your home is in our database. 

A lot of times the pre-marketing is actually creating a buildup of buyers.

Buyers that's already been sitting in, in our database. 

So we don't start marketing for buyers when we meet, we've been marketing for buyers before we've ever met. And when we meet, we do additional marketing so we can put everything together and that's when you can create so much demand and sell our client's house for the most money. 

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