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This is why our Buyers in Waiting will make you more money!

Tuesday, August 27, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

This is why our Buyers in Waiting will make you more money!

The reason your neighbour sold their home higher than your other neighbour was because one of them had more buyers coming through. Very simple! Price is a Function of Supple and Demand.

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Today's topic is about why our buyers in our database, our buyers in waiting,  will make you more money at the end of the day.

There's a big problem that we have in the industry. A lot of buyers are reluctant to call an agent or call a for sale sign or a number of they see online because they just feel like they'll just be hounded and the agent will keep calling them and calling them, and at the end they just won't even get the information they wanted. They're very reluctant to committing to one agent. 

And we take advantage of that perception in the marketplace.  We do that with our buyer profile system. We have a VIP buyer system where we give buyers priority access to all the new listings, but not just the ones that are on MLS, the ones they can get on their own. We offer them the ones they can't get on their own, which is the exclusive listings, off market homes, private sales, our database of sellers in waiting. The same way we have buyers in waiting, we also have currently available, about 70 to 80 sellers who are preparing their home to put on the market in the next few weeks to a few months.

The buyers that are calling us, they're just calling us directly from our sign, or our marketing, or realtor.ca. They're not calling us and saying, "I have an agent," they're coming directly to us.

So the big benefit ... By us offering the buyers this proprietary list of homes, they voluntarily give us all their information and now they become loyal buyers in our database, and every time we list a property, we send information about that property  to all of the buyers in our database, so currently we have almost 30,000. The last time I checked, it was about 29,000 bars in our database. Now they're not all looking for a home in your area, but the cool thing about our databases, we have a way of sifting, sorting, and filtering criteria. For example, if you told us your home is four bedrooms, three bathrooms, 2,500 square feet in this city for example, and this school district and our database of buyers,  we have a way of sifting and matching  these and finding the best buyers, best qualified buyers for your home. So every time we do this, we get somewhere between 50 to 125 on any given time, depending on the type of home. 

And a lot of the active buyers are actually looking forward to these emails and these notifications that they're getting from us because they can't get it on their own, and buyers love access to homes  they can't get on their own.

So if you're thinking about making a move in the next three to six months and you would like somebody from our team to help you with the purchase or sale of your home, you can just call 647-977-9752 or you can go to our website at www.torontoplatinumteam.com and somebody from our team will reach out to discuss your plans and what the next steps will be. 

Watch full video here: https://youtu.be/xH2DBAUiBIY

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