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This will make you ahead of the competition when selling your home

Wednesday, August 28, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

This will make you ahead of the competition when selling your home

Do you feel like some of the houses in the suburbs are becoming too much cookie cutters? Even so, they all have a different story…

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Today's topic is going to be the one tip that's going to put you ahead of your competition when selling your home.

So what is the main tip that would put you ahead of your competition? We think having a proper and professional pre-listing marketing plan prepared for your home by the agent that you hire is extremely important and this will set you way ahead of the competition because most people don't do this. 

There's a science and if you studied and do the research, it shows basically how homes that sell in a certain amount of timeframe sell for more money, and why they sell for more money. We do a lot of study and we research with these things and based on that, when we list our client houses, we always have a coming soon pre-marketing stage where we're actually creating this hype. Think about it like this, when a new movie comes out like a Star Wars movie or some really cool Avengers movie that everyone's dying to watch, they don't just release it and say, "Okay, here go watch a movie this Friday." They don't release it on Friday and say, "Okay, go watch it," they create this hype for months.

We do the same thing when we list our clients' houses. We create this marketing, we create this hype. We start with our database of 30,000 buyers in waiting and then we start expanding into social media platforms and other like Google, other platforms where we can actually start hyping this up where it's a "coming soon", where you can see it, but it's coming soon. 

And by the way, this is a customized marketing plan. So it's not like we have a standard kind of template that we send out to everybody. Every area is different, every house is different, every type is different. Detached house is very different from condo, and the demographic changes. So you know, a lot of millennials are kind of looking into the condo and their are type of marketing is very different from an older generation. We study these things and we made sure that the caliber of people, the targeted custom audience is exactly right for that type of house.

And every seller is different. Every one of you is different. Just because your house may look the same as your neighbor, it doesn't mean your story's the same.

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