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Why most sellers fail to hire right agent first time!

Tuesday, August 13, 2019   /   by Jake Batac

Why most sellers fail to hire right agent first time!

Did you ever wonder why there were so many realtors all of a sudden when the market was hot??

Today we're going to talk to you about why most sellers fail to hire the right agent the first time or even the second, third and so on.  So why do most sellers fail to hire the right agent when they're trying to sell their home or buy a home?? And there was research done by the National Association of Realtors that stated 79% of homeowners do not go back to the same real estate agents. So that is a horrifying number, basically almost eight out of 10 sellers do not go back to the same real estate to do another transaction. So why is that happening, why are they failing so miserably?

And that's pretty accurate because I, myself, from my experience meeting a lot of agents, I get this complaint a lot about the agent that they worked with in the past and they didn't have a very good experience with that agent. And this is not to say that all agents are bad, we do have a lot of great agents out there, very professional ones. 

But these are facts and this is the reality that a lot of people are just not happy with their previous agent and definitely wouldn't even think about going back to them for a second transaction. So, yeah, there's a variety of reasons, but I think one of the first and primary reasons was poor communication. And that doesn't strike me as surprising at all because agents are just too busy to find time through the day to get back to you or call you back and give you feedback on your property or give you an update on what's going on because they're a one man show they're doing everything on their own. So really how could you give the best service when you're doing everything? 

So it's not like they're not trying to give the best services, just they're running out of time. So poor communication was one of the top reasons. The second was over promising, under delivering.  Sellers were just getting promised the morning and the stars and then they were just not delivering. Let down, right? 

Especially when the market starts stabilizing and not all homes are just selling quickly, that's when marketing is actually required to sell homes.  And then the other reasons were over promising a price far from reality.

And then bringing them low ball offers. Or it's not really the low ball offers, it's just realistic offers, but because they over promised them, now these real offers are starting to look like low ball offers. But in reality these buyers were being realistic, but it was the agent who over promise and now as a result the seller gets damaged. The seller's reputation, the home's reputation and the price of the house. 

And also it's extremely exhausting. If you have a family or you got a really busy lifestyle, the last thing you want is all these people coming in and out of your house, price reduction after a price reduction only to get the results that you never were expecting. 

So make sure that, if you're going to go through this process, you do your research and you hire the right agent, right team to be helping you on your side to be your partner in this big investment. 

So, if you're thinking about making a move in the next three to six months and you would like somebody from our team to help you with the purchase or sale of your home, you can just call 647-977-9752 or you can go to our website at www.torontoplatinumteam.com and somebody from our team will reach out to discuss your plans and what the next steps will be. 

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